Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Doreen's Quilt

The sun was shining too brightly to capture the true colors of Doreen's quilt but I tried anyway. The pattern is Jacob's Ladder and she made it to give to her daughter for Christmas.
While I was taking photos I actually saw a triangular area (the upper left on this picture) that I had neglected to quilt so I had to pin it back onto my canvas leaders on my table so I could quilt it! Oops! I had looked it over (as I always do prior to unpinning it but managed to miss it anyway!) It was easy to spot from the backside!
This is the backside. Doreen was "delivering" the quilt during her Thanksgiving visit and was hoping to talk her daughter into opening it early rather than waiting until Christmas...why not!?!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Customer's Quilt

Leslie brought this quilt top to me to be quilted on my longarm machine. I did what I consider doodling...freehand, custom. The batting is Dream Wool which gives it a little poof which makes the playful quilting even more fun. Plus the batting is lighter than cotton which is especially nice for a bed-sized quilt. Here's a close-up or two of the quilting...
The center of the quilt had been marked with pencil for hand-quilting so I decided to quilt on those lines in that area with a bit of improvisation.
How about the backside?! The star blocks shadow through a bit but otherwise it looks like a whole cloth quilt, doesn't it?
I guess you can see why I call it "doodling", can't you?!

I have another quilt or two to show you so check back tomorrow again!