Monday, November 24, 2014

A Customer's Quilt

Leslie brought this quilt top to me to be quilted on my longarm machine. I did what I consider doodling...freehand, custom. The batting is Dream Wool which gives it a little poof which makes the playful quilting even more fun. Plus the batting is lighter than cotton which is especially nice for a bed-sized quilt. Here's a close-up or two of the quilting...
The center of the quilt had been marked with pencil for hand-quilting so I decided to quilt on those lines in that area with a bit of improvisation.
How about the backside?! The star blocks shadow through a bit but otherwise it looks like a whole cloth quilt, doesn't it?
I guess you can see why I call it "doodling", can't you?!

I have another quilt or two to show you so check back tomorrow again!

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